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Why We Ship Zutara
“Zutara has a foundation in the two most powerful forces on earth: yin & yang and love. Add 100 years of war and genocide, the death and disapearance of a loved one, a touch of grief, disownment, banishment, a painful scar, elemental opposites, a handful of hatred, a couple of alter-ego's, an underground cave, a vile of spirit water, betrayal, repentance, forgiveness, crazy-amazing ninja power, and an eternal supply of passion and you've got a ship so incredibly epic that it makes me wonder if my television screen can handle it."–Amy-Anne  
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Okay, so this is my first ever Critique, bear with goes.... First of all, when I first saw this, i was attracted to the colou...



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Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
Hi Everyone!

To start off with, we will get this out of the way, my user name: Forbidden-Lover it means...

Forbidden- Not allowed; prohibited

Lover- A person who has a sexual or romantic relationship with another.

So its not that hard, I'm someone who is the person who everyone wants to be involved with but are not allowed.

Now it may have another reason but that is for me to know and you to find out :D

About me huh?, from an art point of view?
well, i don't get enough time for art. i really love photography as you'll come to see. i do some drawing and painting but I'm not as good as that.
i would like to go in to photograph. and i enter my photos into local shows if i can.
um, at the moment I'm doing a diploma in equine tactile therapy, hence why i have no time, so don't be surprised if there is no work for awhile.

i LOVE nature, and animals. There is nothing else like them in the whole world!

I like taking photos of people as they show expression, emotions and moods.

comment on my work tell me what u like, what u don't, and how i could improve :)

a BIG HUGE thank you to everyone who faves and comments! i thank you from the bottom of my heart it truly makes my day! and im sorry if i don't get back to you but I'm a bit hopeless like that ;)
I have the memory of a gold fish!
And get distracted by just about everything...what was that over there!---> :paranoid: something SHINY!

Thank me when i fave your work by givin me llamas and i will give you one back too ;)

Me as an average...
that's hard to put in words.

:bulletpink:I'm just a slightly crazy gal, who loves too fiercely and ends up being hurt because of it.

:bulletgreen: I'm the kind of girl who chases hail when its still falling and getting beaten by it, eats bubbles and licks the road to see what it tastes like!

:bulletpurple: I will do anything if you dare me too.

:bulletyellow: I never wear normal socks, they have to be patterned, bright and outrages knee high socks!

:bulletpink: I get along with my brother!(most of the time lol) Which means I'm part of the exclusive group called the S.S.S ( The Super Sexy Siblings) it will only ever have two members, my brother and I, so don't even ask!

:bulletgreen: I wear beads in my hair

:bulletpurple: I give 7 second hugs.

:bulletyellow: I collect stress balls (hence why i want them on my wish list!)

:bulletpink: The Angel of my life is Castiel. He is MINE! I've been in love with him from day one! BACK OFF DEAN or ill kick you in the balls, salt and burn you and send ur ass back to hell!!! (okay not really, i love you too)
and i have been converted to a cas/dean fan...oh nose! :giggle:

:bulletgreen: My favorite animals is HEDGEHOGS and Foxes, Crows, Bats, Hares, Wolves, Horses, frogs and all types of Birds, but especially Doves/Pigeons. (I like old world animals!)
I have a gift with birds.

:bulletpurple: I'm into books in a big way! I want a library that is in a room all to itself, with selves to the roof which you need a ladder to reach them. :library:

:bulletyellow: I can cook like you wouldn't believe! everything from chocolate pancakes to 3 course meals and sweets.

:bulletpink: I dream the future and have the most vivid dreams.

:bulletgreen: I have a green thumb

:bulletpurple: I believe in aliens.

:bulletyellow: I have an imaginary friend called Syd. And he has two friends, Sebastian and Steve.

:bulletpink: I can fight.

:bulletgreen: I believe in the supernatural.

:bulletpurple: I'm in love with Matthew Gray Gubler. The most awesome guy there is!

:bulletyellow: The big wide world of people scares me, as people have the power to destroy you.

:bulletpink: I love history, quotes and classic writing. If you want to impress me and sweep me off my feet, learn Shakespeare, Keats, and Wordsworth.

:bulletgreen: Music is an inspiration and i want to make a soundtrack to my life. i listen to a lot of diff things and it varies, so old rock bands to unknown modern artists (Bring on AC/DC, INXS, Meatloaf, Kiss and Queen!)

:bulletpurple: I get jealous easily

:bulletyellow: I don't forgive easily, and i hold grudges, so don't cross me! But I'm fiercely loyal to my friends and would do anything for them, i would go to the end of the earth and time to die for them.

:bulletpink: I'm more than obsessed with the twilight series, its my life! you must get your priorities right.
twilight twilight twilight twilight twilight
twilight twilight twilight twilight twilight
breathing....etc etc etc.
get over it!

:bulletgreen: I believe in love at first sight...and soul mates...
I have seen True Love...its just not for me...

:bulletpurple: I am known by some as
-"The Temptress" :~An alluring, bewitching woman who sets out to entice;
-A Seductress~
-The Flirtatious Butterfly :butterfly:
-Primus Optimus Maximus(Latin for)
First Best Greatest
-"The Bird Lady"
-Little Fish (cos my skin is cold plus im a water baby)
-Ells Bells (cos my song is Hells Bells and I put the Ell in Hell baby!)

:bulletyellow: im into cars, but know nothing about them. Anyone want to teach me? :D

:bulletpink: i can chug a beer and im pro at burping comps, however i try to avoid that, not very lady like. :beer:

:bulletgreen: I'm obsessed with things with wings, especially butterflies, birds, fairies and angels...maximum Ride...(aero-sexual maybe lol) anything with proper wings! as in flesh and blood or feathers or scales etc
So NO man made wings! Plane wings dont interest me.

:bulletpurple: I believe everything happens for a reason.

:bulletyellow: i have faith and believe in God but i also class myself as a Wiccan

:bulletpink: I am going to go to Paris and own an antiques shop and also finger paint the male form there.

:bulletgreen: i LOVE England, Ireland and Scotland, i will get to see them one day! they feel like home.

:bulletpurple: Im going to learn to shoot a bow an arrow, shoot a gun and buy myself a set of throwing knives, than be a pro at throwing them! Bring on Summer!

:bulletyellow: I'm part of the Kebem star crew!
"What ever happens, nothing will split apart KEBEM, we surf the stars together, forever"
for the full story head here --->

:bulletpink: I sing in the car and the super market and dance in the street!

:bulletgreen: I'm a coffee and Tea fiend :coffeecup:

:bulletpurple: I haunt, library's and second hand book stores, small cafe's, antique shops and cemeteries.

:bulletyellow: I love quotes, i blame art class for that, and i collect them all and write them in a journal.

:bulletpink:I'm a collector. i collected so many different things, from semi precious stones to books, wind chimes, glass bottles and feathers.

:bulletgreen: And i have a slight obsessive and addictive personality.

:bulletpurple:You can follow me on Twitter!

and last but not least
L-Wild and crazy​
L-Wild and crazy​
Y-Good in bed

J-Is really​ sweet​
A- gorge​ous
D -Kick ass frien​d
E- Hott

G-Is a nerd at times​
O-Has one of the best personalities ever
R-serio​usly hilar​iouss
T-Amazi​ng kisse​r
O-Has one of the best personalities ever
N-Easy to fall in love with


I'm an artist...I belong in Paris :painter:

And Australia is like WTF mate? :confused:

I vill now destroy de Snickuhs Bahrs! :chew:

All i want is a love so strong that even when your DEAD it still hurts! :heart:

Current Residence: Far Away From You!
Favourite genre of music: Ah, i guess new in the stuff no one listens to cos the artists are new. or old stuff
Favourite photographer: too many
Favourite style of art: ALL
Operating System: XP
MP3 player of choice: ipod
Favourite cartoon character: Zuko!! OctoCat-Spliced Iron man and the X-Men! Death note, and Vampire Knight.
Personal Quote: I followed the sound of your heart <3
  • Listening to: The dog next door barking
  • Reading: The Picture of Dorian Gray
  • Watching: Sherlock
  • Eating: Almonds
  • Drinking: Green Cordial
Only 13 days til Christmas!
And I have not made a journal entry since the 20th of Feb.
I am ashamed.
I also have more work to post on here when I photograph it all. So expect more activity.

I have finished my course. I am certified now :D
And I was planning on going back next year, and I might if I can get funded, but there has been some changed to funding and the Diploma is $12500 dollars. More than a Uni course.
But I may get funding. Fingers crossed.

I have learnt heaps, in some classes more than others.
I have found I don't like sculpture ( or the stuff we do) very much. But have found another niche other than photography in print making and in my own personal experiments paper making, and paper making with leaves.
I'm turning into Claire from the Time Travelers Wife. XD
I would like to get a part time job learning more photography with someone, but that's hard. No one wants to give away their knowledge. But I am looking.

And for all you people interested in my personal life...I now have a boyfriend. I know right. How did I let that happen. He actually has a page on here, :iconluigi1456:

His name is Andrew and he comes from England, and do you know why I noticed him? He was in a long black coat, swooping around the school with the most piercing Blue eyes (He glared at me the first time He made contact with me) and black messy hair....A bit of a Sherlock XD
My friend hates me, cos all she wants is an English boy fitting a similar description.

The family situation is, at times, trying. Some days it is good other days I want to kill everyone. But I can't do that I'd be put in jail.
That also reminds me, Kind of random, But I got the all clear with my chronic sleeping/narcolepsy!
It's a little daunting. I mean I have lost 2 and a half years of my life and I have to get back to being normal. I'm not sure how.
I can lean to drive again!

I am wanting to do a Christmas card exchange with my loyal followers ( They have to be loyal if they are still watching me after all this time with no peep)
So send me a note with your address and you will get a card, it may be after xmas but you'll get one.

Merry Christmas

Elly. xox

P.S: I also decided to get a little more professional and have a dA page just for my best photography work, as a portfolio. If you are interested in watching or checking my work out, :iconejgortonphotography:
There is no work up yet, but soon. I PROMISE!

Journal History


Forbidden-Lover has started a donation pool!
50 / 1,600
ok as you might have read in my I.D this is to try and get enough points to by a print for my brothers b'day. now its not til janurary, but i dunno how long this will take and how generous people are going to be so better start early :)
anyway yeh donate away if you feel the need

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